Candy Shop joins the CoinList Seed Summer 2022 Cohort

We’re very proud to announce that CandyShop has been selected as one of six protocols to join the CoinList Seed Summer 2022 Cohort Project after many rounds of competitive interviews and presentations.

The CoinList Seed began as a platform for early-stage crypto entrepreneurs to connect with the global CoinList community. The selected projects benefit from broad exposure to the CoinList community of over 10 million users. Many of the companies presented at CoinList Seed have gone on to raise from top tier investment funds and have launched their own ecosystems with widespread adoption.

CandyShop is a decentralised, open-source and escrowless NFT marketplace protocol which enables collectors or NFT fans to create their own secondary marketplace, using their native token, within minutes and at no cost.

A mission close to our hearts is to rebalance the power dynamic within the NFT space and provide the tools and support for web3 projects to become independent and free from the influence of large centralized NFT marketplaces. With CandyShop, anyone or project can get their marketplace running within minutes, and now benefit from having their own secondary marketplace hosted on their own website or in their metaverse.

CandyShop is now integrated with the Solana blockchain, with more networks coming soon. Visit for more.

Check out our quick tutorial or go to Github on how-to set up your secondary marketplace on Solana.

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Candy Shop

Candy Shop

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