How Foreo used Candy Shop to launch its first ever NFT


Foreo is a Swedish brand known for its innovative skincare and beauty devices as well as thought leadership on modern beauty standards. Foreo wanted the launch of its LUNA™ 4 product to be innovative and the first of its kind, and decided to launch with an NFT collection.

In the world of Instagram, life behind filters carries a number of skin conditions that often result in serious mental health disorders. Foreo's mission was to use NFTs to raise funds for a selection of charities helping people that struggle with mental health and skin conditions. This was part of Foreo's long-term commitment to destigmatizing mental health issues and creating a self-sustainable healthy community.


With Candy Shop, Foreo was able to execute on its vision with a small team with one software engineer, launching a mini site to run NFT mints and auctions on Solana where all proceeds were given to charity.


The end result? A novel and successful brand campaign launched through a new medium (i.e. NFTs). For Foreo, there was increased interest and awareness around their brand and LUNA™ 4. For the charities, they had additional funding to support their causes around skin and mental health issues. Last but not least, the donors were able to own a piece of history in their crypto wallets.

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Candy Shop

Candy Shop

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