How Famous Fox Federation used Candy Shop to launch its music marketplace Boombox


Famous Fox Federation is a creator in the Solana ecosystem that needs no introduction. With ambitions of bringing web3 closer to real world use cases, Famous Fox looked to revolutionize music ownership online, turning music into NFTs.

The music industry has long been dominated by a large record labels and publishers, which has made it difficult for small creators to gain a foothold and achieve success. These big labels have a lot of resources and influence, and they often prioritize their own interests over those of the artists they represent.

This has led to a situation where it can be difficult for small creators to get the exposure and support they need to build a career in music. One potential solution to this problem is the use of NFTs to enable small creators to own and control their own music.


Famous Fox integrated with Candy Shop SDK to launch a fully customised music marketplace called Boombox where artists can create and sell their music, sounds or samples as NFTs while fans can discover new artists and music and buy the ones they like.

Famous Fox used Candy Shop's editioned NFT feature to allow artists to launch drops where they can sell limited edition copies of their music to fans. The same track can be sold multiple times, much like how singles are distributed and sold traditionally in the music industry.


A first-of-its-kind music marketplace that breaks the traditional construct of record labels, publishers and streaming companies, giving the power back to artists and fans. Check it out for yourself!

Candy Shop

Candy Shop

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