How to be an official Candy Shop builder

It’s been a busy August for us —we exceeded 100 Candy Shops! As a community led project, we are very excited to announce the Candy Shop Builder Program. The main objective of the builder program is to accelerate the adoption of Candy Shop, and to build a strong builder ecosystem around it.

What is Candy Shop Builder Program

Through the Builder Program, LIQNFT connects experienced Candy Shop builders with projects/businesses looking to build their own NFT shops but lacking development resources. The service of our selected builders includes web-design, web hosting, launchpad and game engine integration.

If you are looking for developer support to launch your own Candy Shop, please go to the end of the article and check out our Verified Builders list.

How is a Candy Shop Builder Selected

Any experienced Candy Shop Builder (created at least 1 Candy Shop) can apply to our Builder Program. There will be a screening process by the LIQNFT team to make sure that the applicants possess a good understanding of Candy Shop and are capable of developing a shop on their own. LIQNFT may organize an online interview with the applicant as part of the screening process. Successful applicants will become a Verified Candy Shop Builder.

What are the Benefits of a Verified Builder?

As a Verified Builder, on top of the business opportunities you will get from the Program, you will also have access to:

  • Expedited communication with Candy Shop core dev team
  • Prioritized feature request
  • Referral and endorsement from LIQNFT

How to Apply?

If you are interested in becoming a Verified Candy Shop Builder, please submit your application at the form below.

Verified Candy Shop Builders*

Here is the list of Candy Shop Builders verified by us and it will be updated from time to time.


Experts in dapp developments, marketplace UI/UX, wallet integration, smart contracts integration and more.

  • Team size: 2–5 full time & 6–10 part time
  • Sample Candy Shop:
  • Service scope: Web design & hosting
  • Service fee (reference only): 1500 ~ 3000 USD in $SOL per project
  • Enquiry: VILECHAIN#9863 or

2. Spirit Labs

A web & mobile application development company.

  • Team size: 11+ full time & 2–5 part time
  • Service scope: Web design & hosting, Launchpad
  • Service fee (reference only): from 3,000 USDT per project
  • Enquiry: or WhatsApp at +84905548748

3. Metadefi

Combines software developers with over 5 years in the crypto industry with graphic designers and 3D designers to provide a full customized solutions to clients.

  • Sample Candy Shop:
  • Team size: 2–5 full time & 2–5 part time
  • Service scope: Launchpad, Web design & hosting, game integration
  • Service fee (reference only): 100 USDC per artist per month
  • Enquiry: BitLongs#4953 or

4. Kreechures

Kreechures is the first NFT collection on Solana. They have seen the space evolve from the very beginning and have been building the entire time. Experienced in Web2 & Web3, frontend and backend, development.

  • Sample Candy Shop:
  • Team size: 1 full time
  • Service scope: Launchpad, Web design & hosting, game integration
  • Service fee (reference only): 150 USDC / hour
  • Enquiry:

5. Brent

A passionate full stack dev and NFT enthusiast with a deep understanding of the Candyshop SDK.

*Disclaimer: Candy Shop is not affiliated with Candy Shop Builders. Creators should negotiate terms and scope of work directly with Candy Shop Builders.

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