How to launch a Solana NFT marketplace with no code

In this tutorial, we will show you how to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace on the Solana blockchain without any code in four steps:

  1. Create a shop
  2. Top up your syrup balance
  3. Configure your shop
  4. Sell your first NFT(s)

Step 1. Create a Shop

Head down to, connect your Phantom or Solflare wallet to create a shop.

Select no-code solution and fill out your shop name, shop currency and your shop address.

Hit the Create Shop button, approve the message on-chain, and your shop is ready to go!

Step 2: Top up syrup balance

Candy Shop uses Metaplex's auction house smart contract under the hood. This means NFTs are bought and sold on-chain and small amounts of gas fees are required to process transactions.

Head over to your admin panel and add some SOL to your shop so that transactions can be processed.

Step 3: Configure your shop

You can click Shop Settings in the sidebar and configure your shop name, logo, Twitter and other social media links. You can also configure whether to enable various features like marketplace, auctions and edition drops as well as choose from different color themes.

Once you're happy with the configurations, you can view your shop by clicking on the eye icon in the top-left corner of the admin panel.

This should bring you to your new shop.

4. Sell your first NFT(s)

You can head to the Mint NFTs section in the admin panel and use our tool to mint NFTs. You can then put individual NFTs up for sale by visiting {{your_shop_url}}/#/sell, connecting your wallet and placing the NFT for sale.

You can also use the Auctions and Edition Drops tab to launch NFT auctions and editioned NFTs.

5. Whitelisted NFT collection

You can go to the marketplace page in the admin panel to activate the whitelist function. By checking the box, only NFTs from selected collection will be eligible for listing in your CandyShop NFT storefront. (Once activated, NFTs outside of the whitelist collection will not be allowed to be listed on the shop)

Once activated, click the Create Collection button and fill out the required fields and confirm Create collection.

Once set up is done, click on edit to add the identifier and voilà! you're all done!


As you can see, Candy Shop makes it easy to launch and manage a Solana NFT marketplace without any coding experience. Enjoy selling with your brand new NFT marketplace!

Candy Shop

Candy Shop

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