How to sell editioned NFTs on Solana

Introducing our latest feature, the Edition Drop, a quick and easy way for shop owners to sell limited edition digital collectibles directly from their Candy Shop!

As long as there’s been collectors, there’s been collecting of limited edition books, records and anything else that can be derived from a famous or meaningful original. These editioned collectibles are the manifestation of important moments in history and the embodiment of our culture throughout time. As we now enter into the world of digitalization and metaverse, what better way to carry forward this age-old tradition of collecting limited edition items than through Edition Drop.

In collaboration with the Boombox team, we’ve pioneered the use case for Edition Drop in the field of music NFT by creating limited edition music that collectors can buy and own, check them out here —

From limited edition music NFT, we see endless possibilities for further application of this exciting new technology. Come and explore with us as we bring forward unique limited edition collectibles into the web3.


To create an edition drop, you simply need to:

1) have a Candy Shop, or create one here if you don’t already have one

2) have an original “Master” NFT (i.e. the original) that was created using the metaplex NFT standard with maximum supply attribute greater than 1 (this will be the number of limited editions you will be able to create)

3) navigate to “Create Edition” under the Edition Drop tab in the Candy Shop admin page and follow through the creation flow. Key terms such as mint price, mint starting date / time and any whitelisting parameters will all be configurable by the shop owner as part of the process.

Note that once the “Master” NFT has been committed to an Edition collection, it is no longer retrievable.

Step-by-step guide

Step 0: Creating the a new “Master” NFT

If you do not have the “Master” NFT ready in your wallet, you can use our Mint NFT utility to create this. Remember to set it “Edition enabled” and give it a maximum quantity that you would like to allow.

Step 1: Selecting the Edition Drop tab and connecting your wallet

Go to the “Edition Drops” tab on your Candy Shop admin panel and select “Create New Drop”

Step 2: Selecting the original master NFT that you wish to create the Edition Drop

Step 3 (a): Enter mint parameters (public mint only, non-whitelist)

Step 3 (b): Enter mint parameters (including whitelist & public mint)

Step 4: Mint!

Your Edition Drop is now created, your users should now be able to mint the limited edition copies of your “Master” NFT until the supply runs out. Checkout the sample minting page from BoomBox.

That’s a Wrap!

Hope you found this tutorial with us very helpful and relevant. We’re always on the lookout for ways to improve our product and next big idea, so do let us know your thoughts!

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We look forward to growing your communities together with you. If you need support or would like to give us feedback, please reach out on Discord.

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