5 step guide to CandyShop's ticket redemption feature

Step 1. Minting the NFT into your wallet

  1. Head to the Admin page then click on the Mint NFTs Tab and fill out the required parameters.  including NFT Name, NFT symbol, Royalties, and attributes.

2. Make sure to check the Edition Drop Enabled box and set a desired maximum copies of editioned NFTs.

3. Click MintNFT and proceed with approvals from your wallet

Step 2. Create and configure the Edtion Drop in your storefront

  1. Click on Edition Drops and navigate to the Create Drop button on the top right hand corner of the screen.

2.  Select the Master Edition NFT in your wallet to inititate the configuration.

3.  Configure the duration of the sale, and set the mint price for each mint. Check the Item Redemption box and check the desired user info to be required. Click Continue to move to the summary page.

4.  Make sure the configuration are correct and click the Confirm button and proceed with approvals from your wallet.

Step 3. Purchasing the NFT (ticket)

  1. Head over to your CandyShop NFT storefront and go to the Edition Drops tab. Click on your Edtion Drops sale icon to mint.

2.  Set the amount to be minted, and continue.

3.  Fill out the required information then Confirm, and proceed with approvals from your wallet.

Step 4. Ticket Redemption (Customer)

  1. You should recieve an email of your redemption QR code like the one shown below.
  2. Do not interact with the QR code without vendor's assitance.
  3. Show this QR code to vendor to redeem your item.

Step 5. Ticket Redemption (Store owner)

  1. scan the QR code from your customer to initiate the redemption. You should be redirected to this page.
  1. After item redemption head to the Edition Drops tab and click View User Info to verify the redemption status and related information of your customer.
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