Rebranding to Candy Shop

We’ve rebranded from LIQNFT to Candy Shop!

Our journey began with a simple vision — to build something great for the NFT community.

It all started when we noticed a liquidity barrier that prevented the NFT community from steering forward. In December 2021, six people came together and created a platform to serialise and fractionalise NFTs on Solana. We believed cheap and fast transactions could unlock liquidity for NFTs. Thus the name LIQNFT was born, a mashup of LIQUID and NFT.

As we dived deeper into the world of passionate NFT communities, we realised fast and cheap transactions only brought practical value to the NFT community. Instead what grew and glued this community were the variety of projects, its creativity and utility. However large centralised marketplaces were building its power, pushing creators away from the space.

As a startup with a big vision, we understood the struggles of the underdog. Thus created Candy Shop, an open-source protocol allowing anyone to launch their own marketplace in minutes. Candy Shop, inspired by Metaplex’s Candy Machine, empowers creators and anyone to bring richer and authentic experiences for their community they know and love.

It was an exponential uptake and naturally we knew this was the path to create greater value and impact for the NFT community. The vision stays the same and today, we rebranded to Candy Shop as a reflection of our focus and commitment to build better tools that grant anyone the freedom and control to create experiences they want for their own community.

Candy Shop has been used and loved by hundreds of NFT communities since its incubation. In 4 months, we’ve achieved:

Looking ahead… we will support cross-chains and are working hard to expand the open-source library to Ethereum and Polygon Candy Shops, building on Opensea’s Seaport smart contract.

We will be unveiling more in the coming days, including no-code marketplaces and other unique features supporting the web3 ecosystem, so stay tuned! To anyone reading this, thank you for your support to date, and as always, if you have any suggestions please ping us on Discord.

Fret not for our early supporters of previous drops, we know you may have questions.

After rebranding to Candy Shop, our token will remain the same, as LQN. With Candy Shop the path is upwards, so hold onto LQN tight because listing plans are in the works.

If you have NFTs previous drops, they will still be accessible from Candy Shop:

Fractionalized NFT vaults

  • Existing vaults remain available on our site and are tradable on Serum.
  • There are no plans to add new nor remove any vaults as we shift our focus to building a stronger open-source Candy Shop library.


  • Candy Shop features may be implemented on Solanaland (for demo purpose)
  • Holders perks are in consideration as an appreciation for your support (no immediate plans as we focus on building Candy Shop).

Previous partnership on drops

  • Select drops will be migrated to Candy Shop, time is to be confirmed.
  • Future roadmap for the NFTs will be executed by the creator.
Candy Shop

Candy Shop

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